One quiet evening, while the members of the tribe were having one of their infamous hefty feasts and going deep into thoughts of this materialistic limited world; one thing was put into question; since our beloved Kuwaiti fellas are constantly asking for the Jobedu goodies in Kuwait, why don’t we open up a store in Kuwait and shorten the distances?

And as y’all know; the tribe is always turning plans into actions, turning tragic into magic. We bought a ticket to the beloved city of Kuwait to explore the country's hidden gems, and not surprisingly the country turned out to be super dope, the people are awesome, and the situation is almonds! The country is beautiful and very rich in culture with many many variant races and backgrounds, and expanding there is like opening a door of opportunities. The people loved us, we loved them; it was a win-win situation, and nothing's left for us to do but the operations. We strove and strove, we flew and drove, and we planned the night away. We were lucky enough to find a wonderful business partner who literally made magic happen! He managed to find the perfect spot for the shop and renovated it, planned the inventory that is going to be displayed, and found the perfect team. We came up with some pretty cool designs, and an ultra awe-inspiring marketing campaign. Voila! The tribe does not waste no time mate. It’s all fun and games until we get to work.

We decided to launch an advertising campaign with the punchline “Our Camel Lovely Camel” that was inspired by a traditional Kuwaiti song that was debuted when the Kuwaiti national football team was qualified to participate in the world cup back in the days; which also happens to match the Jobedu logo (coincidence?). We are beyond excited to open up the Kuwait shop in Salmiyya - 8 Mall on the 29th of January 2019. We hope everyone can join us in this joyous occasion.

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